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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Just over three weeks till baby B is due – and just under 2 weeks into my leave (earlier than planned thanks to the lovely world of retail). Although physically my body is thanking me, mentally I feel a bit adrift. I have spent so many years of my life with the majority of my weekday hours taken up with school, work, or (during college) both that now when I’m not doing either, I’m not sure quite what to do.

Although currently my feet do bear a resemblance to marshmallows (nice, right?) I’m certainly not sitting around with my feet up eating bonbons. I clean and catch up on laundry. I walk the dog earlier in the day when I still have the energy for it. Items on the to-do list that have suffered my procrastination for far too long are finally getting checked off. What I really want do is help with painting the house now that the wallpaper is gone but that of course is off limits.

Each day when Zack is done with work, I find myself listing all the things I accomplished (big & small). He is such a good sport and humors me, listening when I tell him about reorganizing a closet or the fifth trip to Target I’ve made this week. I didnt even realize I was doing it at first – its like I am trying to prove (to myself) I’m still productive even though I’m not working.

I know once baby B gets here I will have more than enough to occupy my time and we will be adjusting to a whole new rythm of life. In the meantime, I’ll read a book, finish all those thank you’s for lovely shower gifts, and try to enjoy the restful moments while I can! Oh – and I’ll also try to stop reciting the details of my trips to Target to Zack. Even when I really want to.

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Pictures to come tomorrow, I promise! In the meantime… the tree and decorations are up and everything is looking a lot more festive around here.

In this season of family, friends, blessing and thanks we have many exciting things to celebrate. First of all, our dear friends Matt & Kelsey are expecting their first little bundle of joy! Also – one of the most wonderful couples we know just got engaged this past Friday at the Christmas Tree lighting in downtown Portland (Pioneer Square)! Yes — picture it — crowds parted for them, Chrsitmas carols were sung… it was truly JOYFUL!

Like I said, more photos and details to come but in the meantime it was a beautiful start to a joyful holiday season!

and then I tasted them….

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

If you happened to read my earlier post on pickled green beans, I have a little something to say to you. THEY TASTE HORRIBLE!!!

I don’t know if I copied the recipe down wrong or if I made some crazy mistake in the process but it just went all WRONG.

As I mentioned in the original post, I absolutely LOVE anything pickled and so, after what I thought was an appropriate amount of time, I cracked open my first jar with great anticipation of the wonderful first bite. I twisted off the ring, pried open the lid with a little assistance from Zack and eagerly picked out my first glorious bean! THAT was the moment disaster struck. One bite and I lunged for the kitchen sink to spit it out immediately! Did you ever have to gargle warm salt water? Well… that is exactly what I had a mouthfull of the second I tasted that first bite.

Sad to say, my first experiment in homemade canning was a big fat failure. But… the good news is, next time has got to be better than the first!

If you have any canning/pickling tips or any favorite recipes, please share!

Circling the wagons

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Spending time in a hospital is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy. There is a certain stillness – a simple quiet – and a lots of just “being” throughout the day. On one hand it’s sad, coming to terms with the reality of what the future holds. On another hand, it’s hopeful. As much anxiety as every unfamiliar buzz and beep ignite, each tiny positive as small as a bite of apple sauce is just another glimmer of eternal optimism.

Hospitals used to make me uneasy but somehow right now it’s the only comforting place to be. The family is “circling the wagons” so-to-speak as we gather from our homes up and down the west coast to spend time, not knowing what is next for my grandfather.

There are so many people gathered in his room that we don’t all have places to sit and despite the threat of somber circumstance, the mood by some accounts is like it always is when we’re together.

Squeezed together in that little room we read, we email, some work. My Tutu (Hawaiian for “grandma”) teaches me Sudoku. My cousin teaches Tutu how to Skype on her iPad. Gene (my grandfather) makes jokes from his bed, asks for┬ápecan pie, and even is in fact a bit crabby today (which means he’s feeling a bit better!). He smiles at his nurses and is still a true southern gentleman with all his manners and charm.

While we still have to think about what comes next to a certain extent and deal with the business of life, for now we exist as we always have as a family; laughing, loving, enjoying moments together whether in some exotic far-off locale or in the humble room of a hospital close to home.

my grandfather and I at my wedding. photo by James Moes.