Ocean Shores Trip

My friend Pamela & I met 8 years ago in the middle of an ice storm our first term at Oregon State (a story in itself as you can imagine) and became instant friends. Fast-forward six years later, Zack proposed to me with an original rap (again, a story for another time) and just one day later Steve popped the question to Pam! We all celebrated our engagement weekend with drinks at Portland City Grill.

2 years after that fantastic weekend we packed up the car with 4 adults, 1 large dog, and enough gear to brave the cold of a winter beach trip in the Pacific Northwest. Friday night we hit the road & headed for Ocean Shores.

In a nutshell: Card games, red wine, catching up until 4am. Brunch, brewery, beach combing. Scenic route home on 101 & a visit to Astoria (where the movie “The Goonies” was filmed!!!).

Me & Pam on the beach.

Me, Zack, Steve & Pam at a local brewery.

View of the Astoria Bridge from the Goondocks (yes, really the house the movie was filmed in… plus a block away from the school where they shot Kindergarten Cop!)

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  1. Jordan wright says:

    Looks and sounds like a great time! Xoxo

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