{homemade} pickled green beans

 I LOVE almost anything pickled… seriously, anything (with perhaps the exception of pickled herring, despite my Scandinavian heritage). Which is why, when I saw a HUGE basket of green beans freshly picked from my Mom’s garden I knew immediately that they MUST be pickled!

Not that I’ve ever pickled – or canned – anything before but it couldn’t be that hard, right? After a disappointing day of football (my alma mater, Oregon State lost to UCLA) I decided the perfect way to drown my sorrows was in a big pot of pickle brine. I borrowed a recipe from our good friends Pam & Steve, gathered the necessary supplies and got straight to work!



Lots of fresh green beans

2 C Kosher Salt

1/2 Quart White Vinegar

16 peeled Garlic Cloves

Red Pepper Flakes



Directions: Wash & trim green beans. Cut to fit in Jars. Boil 1.5 Quarts of water, add kosher salt and white vinegar. In each jar, place two cloves of garlic, dill, onion, and red pepper flakes (as much as desired) then pack with beans. Pour boiled brine into jars and screw lids on tightly. Submerge jars in boiling water bath for 8 minutes. Remove jars and allow to cool (lids should seal once cooled).

They look yummy don’t they? I can’t wait to crack these babies open! Everything was pretty simple, although next time I would have packed more beans in each jar – once I poured the brine in there seemed to be a lot of extra space. Otherwise, I think everything went well! Until next time…

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